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Made in Canada

Excalibur Chlor-a-Soft Water Softener

CHLOR-A-SOFT Water Softener

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The best water softener money can buy

Manufactured in Barrie, ON

20-year warranty on all parts

BENEFITS of a Chlor-A-Soft Water Softener

We have a full line of water softeners for Wasaga Beach water or rural water. We also have the latest technology for iron/sulphur removal and ultra violet lights.

Call now for a in home water analysis to determine which water softener best suits your needs.

BEWARE of door to door SCAMS wanting to test your water.

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For a complete listing of all our water softeners and filters including data sheets, please go to https://residential.excaliburwater.com/products/water-softeners/
To understand how water softeners work and common questions about their use, check out the Excalibur Articles Website.
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